Waverly Willis

Waverly Willis
Licensed Instructor/Proprietor of Urban Kutz Barbershop

Diversity barbering course by Instructor Willis

Greetings, my name is Waverly Willis. I am the proud proprietor of Urban Kutz Barbershop and the Executive Director of The Urban Barber Association (TUBA). I have a bachelor's degree in not for profit administration from Cleveland State University's Levin College of Urban Affairs, which was ranked second in the nation in 2013 when I graduated on the Dean's List. I also graduated from The Ohio Barber Academy and The Hone Barber College, which enabled me to receive a barber license and barber instructors license. I opened Urban Kutz Barbershop in 2008 and a second location in 2014. My extensive experience in the barbering field has familiarized me with all aspects of hair textures, styles, and a cornucopia of barbering techniques.

I am a leader and an educator by nature and would like to avail my services to your barber or cosmetology college. My team and I will come to you and facilitate a single session or a series of classes at your institution of hair higher learning. Within the population many would agree that there is a lack of diversity in some barber and cosmetology college settings. Unfortunately, this lack of diversity spans from the student body to the clientele of the school. This clientele void renders a gap in the student’s learning experience because they do not get a chance to practice on ethnic hair. There could be a myriad of reasons why this issue exist- from the location of the college to the lack of confidence in the skill set of the person of another race or gender practicing services on them.

My barber industry colleagues and I have noticed a major increase in our barbershops from men that refuse to go back to a stylist.and from women that have short hair on the sides and the back of the head. The most common complaints are the blend on the side and back is not smooth and without a demarcation line. Also some people especially Black and Hispanic men leave salons disgruntled because the line up is not sharp or precise. These common mistakes by stylist can kill a haircut thus resulting in the loss of a potential long term client.

The course that I am offering solves these issues. It bridges the diversity gap by me bringing models with ethnic hair the students will get to practice on. The tools and innovative techniques introduced in the class will enable anyone to be able to blend out demarcation lines and to allow one to make precision lineups. These 2-hour classes will familiarize your students with the skillset of a barber enabling them to keep more clientele when they become professionals in our competitive hair industry.

The barbering course will cover:

-The 6 basic haircuts (FADES, TAPERS, EVEN CUTS, SHAPE UPS, LAYERED CUTS, COMBINATION CUTS) and how to do them in cooperation with the knowledge that is currently taught at your institution.as well cutting edge new and innovative techniques.

-The theory of the blend and how what your students have learned from your school applies to this concept.As well as new tips of the barbering industry.

-The flow of good uniform haircut

-Facial design/beard grooming

-Line up, edge up, shape up, and reference points to make them precise and sharp Tool choice and maintenance

Course Cost:

2-hour classes - $300.00

3 part series of 2-hour classes - $700.00

**A non-refundable 50% deposit will be required before the start of selected course.**

This course includes up to 3 models for student practice.

PH:216-245-8822 Email:UrbanKutzCleveland@gmail.com