To enhance your unique look with a hair design that is created specifically for you for a reasonable price in an upbeat, diverse, and enjoyable atmosphere.


Professional Barbershop in Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for visiting the Urban Kutz website. We hope you have visited one or both of our locations at 4491 Pearl Road or 11106 Detroit Ave, both of which are in the electrifying city of Cleveland, Ohio. Each location is staffed with confident and professional barbers who can definitely fulfill all of your grooming needs. The ambiance of both locations are fun, laid back, and professional. We want you to kick back, relax, and let us do what we do best, GROOM YOU.

You will not hear any profanity or vulgar language in this family friendly atmosphere. All are welcome at Urban Kutz Barbershop and it is reflected in our cornucopia of clientele. Every race, nationality, creed, and lifestyle come through the door and are all treated respectfully. Our shops are hidden gems in Cleveland but with the quality Kutz and awesome service Urban Kutz is quickly rising to the top of Cleveland’s barber industry. We want you on board for the journey, your chair awaits.

We are all well trained and boast over thirty years of experience between each of us in the barbering industry. Fades, tapers, mohawks, frohawks, hard part cuts, flat tops, eyebrow arches, coloring, razor lines, facials, designs and whatever you can think of. If it deals with barbering we can do it. ANY HAIR TYPE, ANY STYLE, whether it’s straight, kinky, or curly we can cut it. Kids love us too, and certainly are welcome here.

Men Urban Kutz Barbershop has an alternate solution to hair loss. We have partnered with Scalp Esthetics if you are interested please contact either one of our locations to get free consultation.

Services and prices

  • Adult Kutz- $26.00
  • w/ Face- $31.00 (regular even kutz/No taper/No Fade etc)
  • Designer Kutz Only- $34.00 (no face $31 w/face $34)
  • Kids Kutz- $15.00 (up to 12yrs)
  • Junior Kutz- $18.00 (13 to 17yrs)
  • Full Line Up- $16.00 (head & face)
  • Head Only /Face Only- $13.00
  • Hot Towel Shave- $20.00
  • All Includes Razor Upon Request
  • Free Bottled Water Upon Request
  • Shampoo- $15.00
  • Designs Small- $5.00 & Up Large- $10.00 & Up
  • Line Enhancement- $10.00
  • Bigen head & Face- $30.00
  • Separate- $20.00 Each
  • Lift (blonde)- $30.00 Color- $35.00
  • Eyebrow Arch Razor- $13.00
  • Color -$35.00

Razor Bald Head 30.00 Includes hot towel, skin cleanser, conditioner, and moisturizer (straight & disposable razor)

Hot Towel Razor Shave-20.00 Includes hot towel, skin cleanser, conditioner, and moisturizer

Shampoo-15.00 w/ haircut 13.00 without haircut- Includes invigorating scalp massage and moisture locking conditioner

Straight Part- FREE Designs start at 4.00 (Goes up with size)

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  • Head and face-30.00
  • Head Only-20.00
  • Face Only-20.00
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  • Any Other Color-35.00
  • Eyebrow Cleanup-FREE
  • Eyebrow Arch-13.00

A 24-48 hour patch test is strongly recommended and a disclaimer must be signed for any dye services.